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Elevate Sportswear

Lightning Grip Socks - Black (white grips)

Lightning Grip Socks - Black (white grips)

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The Elevate Lightning Grip Sock

By athletes, for athletes.

Aimed to Elevate Your Game, the Elevate Lightning Grip Socks are specifically designed to give you that extra 1%.

Ultimate Grip: The strategically positioned grip parts prevent slippage inside the shoe and therefore reduce the risk of blisters and injuries.

Breathable Upper: The breathable mesh on the top part of the foot keeps your feet cooled and fresh throughout the whole game.

Supportive Arch: The strong arch on the ankle gives you that ultimate "locked-in" feeling.

Increased Agility: Experience faster changes of direction and an ultimate advantage over your opponents.


[Pro Tip] Switch between 2 pairs across training and match days for peak performance.

Customer Reviews

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Janneke De Vreugd
Blije klant goede sokken

Super sokken, mooie kwaliteit. Al vaker bestels. Heel fijn contact vooraf gehad. Bedankt ook namens Isa!