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Elevate Sportswear

Elevate Mini Shinpads 10x6cm

Elevate Mini Shinpads 10x6cm

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The Elevate Mini Shinpads

By athletes, for athletes.

Introducing the Elevate Mini Shinpads, the solution to those bulky & uncomfortable shinguards. 

Compact Design: Measuring 10x6 cm, our mini shinpads are for those who strive for minimalistic, but effective protection— no more bulky, uncomfortable shin guards. Make the switch to our mini shinpads and experience maximum maneuverability without compromising on safety. 

Featherweight: Weighing in at just 19g, our mini shinpads are designed to make you forget you’re even wearing them. Lightweight and lightning-fast – our mini shinpads give you the freedom to move without sacrificing performance.

Look like the pros: Ever wondered how all the pro players have that clean and professional look? Well, they use mini shinpads in combination with grip socks and sock sleeves. Elevate your game now with the same advanced equipment that the pros depend on. 


[disclaimer] Football is often associated with risks. Therefore, Elevate Sportswear will not be held liable for any injuries or damages resulting from the use of our mini shinpads.