Why is football so difficult? Cristiano Ronaldo is sad after Portugal defeat. He wears grip socks.

Why Football is so Difficult.

What's up baller! 

If you're reading this, you are probably on your journey to that next level, with the hopes of one day going pro. But it's difficult, right? 

Why is it so tough? Why do so many ballers fail to succeed in their careers? Why are only 0,012% of the young ballers going pro? 

Well, let us compare to professional level to the amateur level, or even the semi-pro level. Chances are quite high that if you're reading this, you are stuck within these two levels. 
At the professional level - even at academies - footballers are provided with literally everything they need. They have coaches, nutritionists, physios, quality pitches, mentors, every piece of equipment they could ask for etc. They even get access to these things with just a click of a finger. 
At the amateur level - or even semi-pro - it's a completely different ball game. You have a coach, but you don't have someone who tells you what to eat. You have a pitch, but the grass isn't cut - or even isn't grass anymore. You have little to no equipment. It's obvious that as an amateur it's impossible to do the same work as a professional footballer. 

So, how can I - as an amateur footballer - Elevate my game? 

Start focusing on the little details - trust me, they really make a difference. Start training on your own, go on that extra run on a Friday evening, start wearing the things pro players wear (grip socks, under armour, pre-cut socks, vaporrub etc.), do football-specific workouts (more on that in our newsletter), get a mentor, start building a network, film your matches etc. 

Start working like a pro baller and you'll see yourself level up big time - trust me on that. 

Elevate Sportswear.

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