How To Wash Elevate Grip Socks

How To Wash Elevate Grip Socks

Let's be real here, grip socks are a vital accessory that you need every game, right? The modern game means up to 4-5 of playing days per week. Unless you've got your laundry schedule on top form, this means you need up to 5 pairs of fresh grip socks each week! 

So, keeping your grip socks as fresh as possible is vital to keep the benefits they bring. But how do you wash your grip socks correctly to keep them fresh as long as possible? Here's your ultimate care guide: 

How to wash grip socks 

To ensure the ultimate functionality and longevity of your grip socks, it's essential to follow a proper washing routine. Start by flipping your socks inside out to preserve the grip pads. Use a gentle detergent and wash them in colder water (we recommend to not go higher than 40 degrees celcius). This will get your grip socks clean and bacteria-free, but also prevents any damage caused by hot water. It also helps the rubber grip pads to last longer! 

Be aware to not use bleach or fabric softeners, as they break down the efficacy of the grip pads! When it comes to drying, air drying is the best option to maintain the elasticity of the sock and prevent any potential damage from high heat. 

! Pro tip: Make sure that your socks are completely dry before wearing them again to prevent bacterial growth ! 

Rotate Between Multiple Pairs 

Rotating between 2-3 pairs of grip socks is the ultimate tip we can give you. This way, each pair has less wear and will last longer. We suggest switching between a training pair and a matchday pair. 


So there we are: you are ready to go! Look after them and you can benefit from the features of playing in them. 

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Take care. 


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