How can I get faster as a footballer? Speed workout for footballers. Lightning Grip Socks.

How Can I Get Faster?

Why is speed important? 

Speed is a pivotal aspect in modern football, shaping the game's dynamics. Swift players can outrun opponents, launch rapid attacks, and close defensive gaps effectively. Speed not only assists in goal-scoring opportunities but also aids in defensive transitions. With the sport evolving towards a faster pace, honing speed skills has become essential for footballers seeking a competitive edge. Quick, agile, and lightning-fast players can change the course of a match in seconds.

Now that it's clear that speed is absolutely key in our modern game, it's important that you start working on getting faster - even when you are already 'fast'. 

We created a simple workout which will help you change gear more easily. Try to incorporate this workout at least once a week for ultimate results. 
So lace up those boots and head to the field! 


Warming-up: Stationary Bike (5-10min)

Exercise 1: Box Jumps (3 x 6)     ~ Try to be as explosive as possible!

Exercise 2: Hip Flexor Raises (3 x 8 each leg)

Exercise 3: Nordics (3 x 8)

Exercise 4: Seated Calf Raises (3 x 8)

Exercise 5: Knee drives (3 x 5 each leg)

Additionally: Uphill & Downhill sprints! 

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