Blisters in Pre-Season - How To Avoid Them

Blisters in Pre-Season - How To Avoid Them

Pre-season: warm weather, hard pitches and new boots - a perfect recipe for blisters! Blisters are a frustrating, but often inevitable part of pre-season. They can keep you sidelined for days or just make matchdays very uncomfortable, causing you to not play at your best level. 

Luckily, being footballers ourselves, we have some tips & tricks for you to help prevent blisters when it comes to kick off!

1) Wear the right football boots

As you might know, during the summer months, the pitches are harder because they don't get a lot of water. It's probably not a bad idea to change to moulded football boots instead of studded boots. These boots can help you reduce the impact of running and playing on the rock-hard football pitches. During winter, however, it's definitely better to wear studded football boots for more grip.

2) New football boots? Wear them in!

All footballers are the same. When a new pair of boots comes in the mail, the first thing we want to do is go to the pitch and test them. It's tempting, I know, but it's not the best thing to do! To avoid blisters in your new football boots, you should wear them in. Wearing them in and around the house even for just an hour a day for a few days can help soften the materials, which helps prevent those awful blisters!

If you don't feel like wearing them around the house, you can also get shoe  stretch spray to help loosen the material! 

3) Use blister plasters 

Blister plasters are not only effective to reduce the pain of a blister, they are also a very handy tool to prevent them! You can just wear them on your heel to prevent blisters from happening!

4) Wear grip socks 

Finally, the ultimate cheat code to prevent blisters is to wear grip socks! Elevate grip socks are specifically designed to counter the common causes of blisters as mentioned above: 

    • Breathable material to prevent sweating (which causes friction against your football boots)
    • No more slipping inside your football boots. The grip pads at the bottom reduce friction and keep your socks in the right place for the full 90 minutes!
    • Extra padding and support around the heel area which is a danger area for blisters. 
Grip pads on our Elevate grip socks designed for footballers.
If you already wear grip socks, you'll know how important they are to boost your performance as a footballer. Football players often wonder what the fuss is about until they try them.. If you've never worn grip socks, here's how they could help you as a footballer. 
You can get a pair of our Elevate Grip Socks for only €16,99 or you can take 4 pairs for just €50 using the discount code COMMUNITY at checkout ;) 

Stock up now and prevent blisters forever!
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